Kraus & Naimer:
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The global company,headquartered in Vienna, is a new member of "Leitbetriebe Austria".  

Vienna, 25.1.2019 – Kraus & Naimer was first certified as a lead company, by which makes it a member of a high level business network. The award went to Mag. Harald Zeller, CFO of the Kraus & Naimer Group in the festive atmosphere of the Belvedere Palace. Leitbetriebe Austria is an independent, cross-industry business network that is exemplary.


Photo 1  copyright by Sabine Klimpt
Photo 2  copyright by Sabine Klimpt

Kraus & Naimer: High-level visit by the Austrian diplomatic mission to the branch of Kraus & Naimer Netherlands.

Austrian companies are an important economic factor abroad.

Vienna (A) / Hengelo (NL), 25.07. 2018 - The Austrian ambassador Ges. Mag. Dr. Heidemaria Gürer in the Netherlands recently visited a Kraus & Naimer branch in Hengelo (NL) with a business delegation from the region to get to know Austria's business network in the country better. A visit that not only underscored the diplomatic relations between the countries but also allowed looking behind the scenes of a specialized world market leader.


Foto 1  Heidemaria Gürer, Eddy van Hiijum, BertKoershuis 

Foto 2  Look behind the scenes

Foto 3  Delegation in front of company building, Kraus & Naimer Holland (Hengelo)


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