The broad product range is designed for the global market place and offers the most economical and technically suitable solution for almost every application. All our products comply with the specific national and international rules and regulations as required.

Control and Load Switches

Different contact designs, contact materials and terminals allow for their use as control switches, instrumentation switches and motor control switches. The stage is the basis for all switches and can be supplied with a maximum of two contacts.

> Control and Load Switches

Main Switches

The main switch is part of an electrical system and disconnects the electrical supply all poles. Main switches can be manual or power-operated. You can also take over the system protection by being equipped with overcurrent and overvoltage or undervoltage releases.

> Main Switches

Main Switches and Safety Switches

Maintenance and Safety Switches consist of switch disconnectors housed in high strength durable plastic enclosures, which are designed with extra space for easy wiring. The enclosures are totally insulated according to IEC 364-4-41, HD 384.4.41 S2 and VDE 0100-410. Each enclosure has either knock-outs for metric glands according to EN 50262 or metric threaded conduit entries on top and bottom. Safety switch interlocks with lid to prevent opening in 'ON' position are supplied with enclosures.

> Main Switches and Safety Switches

Customized Switch

Beside standardized contact configurations, we also offer an opportunity to develop a contact configuration for exact customer requirements. It enables us to customize each switch for any specific demand with industrial processes, even for orders of a single switch. 

> Customized Switch

Photovoltaic Applications

A growing demand for DC switch disconnectors for solar photovoltaic power supply systems has motivated Kraus & Naimer to introduce a brand new range of disconnectors, specifically designed for this particular DC application.

> Photovoltaic Applications

Maintenance and Safety Switches in stainless steel enclosure

The maintenance and safety switches in stainless steel enclosure are switch disconnectors that come with auxiliary contacts. They can be locked in position 0 using the integrated locking device. Locking the cover coupling prevents the enclosure from opening when it is switched on, which means that they are the perfect choice for safe disconnection in the maintenance area.

> Maintenance Switches in stainless steel enclosure

Stainless steel enclosures

With the switch and distribution-board enclosures made of brushed stainless steel AISI 304 and protection class IP 66, Kraus & Naimer expands its portfolio for applications in particularly harsh environments. The enclosures are ideal for use in industries where technical components are exposed to extremely harsh conditions such as dust, varnishes and solvents. The compact design and protection class IP66 are what makes these stainless steel enclosures particularly suitable for an easy installation in tight spaces and under adverse environmental influences.

> Stainless steel enclosures

Optional Extras

The large cam switch line is complemented by a large number of various optional extras as e.g. key-operators, padlock able handles, auxiliary contacts or enclosures. This substantial number of optional extras and enclosures is needed in order to meet the requirements of the world market.

> Optional Extras

Functional handles and switch enclosures

By using integrated switch contacts and LED lights our functional handles and enclosures offer you the option of controlling your processes, reading information or intervening quickly if necessary. This is how you lead industrial applications step by step into the digital world.

> Functional handles and switch enclosures

Push Buttons and Pilot Lights

The pilot lights and push buttons are designed for industrial applications. Whether they are installed in panels or control desks, the attractive and ergonomic design makes the push buttons and pilot lights the ideal solution in control circuits.

> Push Buttons and Pilot Lights