up to 132 HP Ring Type Terminal

The C316

The C-series switches not only represent the classic cam switch by Kraus & Naimer, but the switches are also applicable as disconnect switches.

Special Contact developments such as 9 pole ON/OFF switches or in installations with vertically limited space makes the switch  an all-purpose solution. Depending on the series the switches have easily accessible and captive terminal screws or with bolt terminals for ring type cable lugs and protective covers.

The switches of the C-series offer a solution for most cam switch/disconnect switches applications.

Catalog 500: Disconnect Switches and Maintenance Switches


Standard Motor Load (DOL-Rating):
3 x 120V [HP]: 30
3 x 240V [HP]: 75
3 x 480V [HP]: 75

Ampere Rating:
3 x 277V [A]: -
3 x 600V [A]: 240

Thermal Current:
lu/lth [A]: 315

Utilization Category (3 x 380 V – 440 V):
AC-23A [kW]: 132
AC-3 [kW]: 55


According to IEC 60947-3, EN 60947-3, VDE 0660 part 107.

  • ON/OFF-Switches
    2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 pole
  • Change Over Switches
    3 and 4 pole

Panel Mounting

The Panel Mountings are well used mountings which cover wide application ranges.
They consist of two main groups.

  • The two/four hole mountings, which are fixed by (2/4) screws around the center shaft hole.
  • While with the single-hole mountings the shaft hole is used for fixation.

The two/four hole mountings provide several variations which make them fit for all tasks.

Base Mounting

Base Mounting is used to fix a switch at the rear side, therefore it is the commonly used mounting for larger distribution cabinets.
The switch can be mounted at the base panel by two or four screws and also by 'Snap-On for DIN rail mounting'. For this mounting, several door clutches with or without padlock are available.