The new KA switch combines innovation and quality

The new KA switch series combines innovation and quality in a new product for the reliable switching and disconnection of circuits.

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Main Features: 

  • IP20 - finger-safe connection of different cable cross-sections
    Cross section: minimum 2.5 mm², maximum 25 mm²
  • The maximum nominal thermal current KA40 = Ith 40 A
    The maximum nominal thermal current KA63 = Ith 63 A
  • ROHS & REACH compliant
  • 4 pole ON/OFF switches (8 pole ON/OFF switches coming soon!)
  • Up to 4 pole double-throw switches (coming soon!)
  • Auxiliary contacts as required
  • Approved according to: UL, CE, CCC, EAC
  • The KA switch replaces predecessor products of the KG & KH series
  • Switch types currently available:
    KA40, KA40T*, KA40B, KA40BT*, KA63, KA63T*, KA63B, KA63BT*
    *(T=Torx connection screws with T20 head).