The broad product range is designed for the global market place and offers the most economical and technically suitable solution for almost every application. All our products comply with the specific national and international rules and regulations as required.

Control and Load Switches

Different contact designs, contact materials and terminals allow for their use as control switches, instrumentation switches and motor control switches. The stage is the basis for all switches and can be supplied with a maximum of two contacts.  

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Main Switches

The main switch is part of an electrical system and disconnects the electrical supply to all poles. Main switches can be manual or power-operated. The system can also be protected by being equipped with overcurrent and overvoltage or undervoltage releases. 

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Maintenance Switches and Safety Switches

Maintenance and Safety Switches consist of switch disconnectors housed in high strength durable plastic enclosures, which are designed with extra space for easy wiring. The enclosures are totally insulated according to IEC 364-4-41, HD 384.4.41 S2 and VDE 0100-410. Each enclosure has either knock-outs for metric glands according to EN 50262 or metric threaded conduit entries on top and bottom. Safety switch interlocks with lid to prevent opening in 'ON' position are supplied with enclosures.

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Optional Extras

We offer a large variety of optional extras as e.g. key-operators, padlockable handles, auxiliary contacts or enclosures. This allows us to meet the requirement of the world market.

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Push Buttons and Pilot Lights

The push buttons and pilot lights are designed for industrial applications. Whether they are installed in panels or control desks, the attractive and ergonomic design makes the push buttons and pilot lights the ideal solution in control circuits.

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Customized Switch

Beside standardized contact configurations, we also offer the opportunity to develop a contact configuration for exact customer requirements. It enables us to customize each switch for any specific demand with industrial processes, even for orders of a single switch. 

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