Our sponsoring project #BlueSchool

Our sponsoring project #BlueSchool specifically targets vocational schools, universities and universities of applied sciences and provides them with in-kind donations of our product portfolio for school projects and degree theses. Moreover, we provide school workshops with the required equipment.

Crafting, tinkering and experimenting

The global industry frequently uses our switches for large machinery and installations. Choosing the appropriate switchgear depends on various requirements. Thanks to our flexible modular system, we are able to provide a suitable product for almost every requirement. Lorenz Naimer and his partner Franz Kraus founded Kraus & Naimer in 1907 in Vienna – today we would call this a “start-up of a highly-skilled professional and an angel investor”. The rapid technological development due to increasing electrification required further research in the field of materials science to ensure safe use and the utmost reliability of our products.

Our switches keep up with the times

The basic concept of switches has not changed much over the years: Switch it on and the current flows, switch it off and the current will be interrupted. However, new applications, requirements and changes pose new challenges for our products. These challenges not only include guidelines for certifications but also climatic conditions of the areas where the switches are used. Our switches are subject to regular testing and further development. Even though the basic concept remains the same, we were able to establish a great number of innovations in this field.

Know-how and how-to

In order to provide a suitable product, it is necessary to have the required expertise and to correctly formulate specific problems. We strive to pool all of the processes and activities of our daily work in our project #BlueSchool. Thus, early on, the students learn how to cooperate with companies and to clearly describe and communicate requirements. As a result, we reinforce the students’ technical expertise, cooperation skills as well as their determination. All of these qualities and qualifications are highly advantageous on the job market. The aim of our project #BlueSchool is to help students expand and develop their knowledge and competencies. Even though we have more than 100 years of experience, we are never too old to learn something new.


If you have any questions regarding our #BlueSchool project, please write us an e-mail or give us a call.

Stay PHInomenal!