The new control and indicator device

  • Easy handling with single hole mounting
  • 360° switching angle
  • IP42 dust- and waterproof
  • Exchangeable BA9s lamp (max. Ø10 mm)

The new KGD40

  • Reduced arcing time
  • Compact design
  • Not polarity sensitive
  • Up to 1000 V

The new KGD40 switch type has been developed as a DC switch for applications up to 50 A. The arcing time has been reduced to a few milliseconds using permanent magnets in the contact body. 2 magnets per pole are used to ensure  polarity sensitivity is not an issue.  Upon request the switch disconnectors are available with door clutch systems and padlock devices.



A25 Switch

The A25-switch type has been designed for applications where available depths behind the mounting plates are limited and the switching programs require a large number of contacts.

Main features:

  • 25 A switch with up to 48 contacts
  • Up to 24 switching positions
  • IP20 terminal protection cover available
  • Fast on lugs (A25-4) 
  • Wide range of optional extras are available

Catalogue: A-Switches