Push Buttons and Pilot Lights

Trykknapper og ledelys

The push buttons and pilot lights have been designed for industrial applications. Whether they are installed in panels or control desks the attractive and ergonomic design makes the push buttons and pilot lights the ideal solution in control circuits.

All front elements of the push buttons and pilot lights come with a protection to at least IP67. Some push buttons and most of the pilot lights even offer a protection degree of IP69K, which is an advantage where clean surfaces are an important requirement. 

Catalog: Push Buttons and Pilot Lights, Ø 22.5 mm


Push buttons and pilot lights, Ø 22.5 mm:

Push Buttons

  • non-illuminated or illuminated
  • flush, extended or with extended front ring
  • latching or spring return (can be converted to spring return function)

Pilot Lights

  • Standard units flush or conical
  • Solid pilot lights (direct wire)

Double-Push Buttons

  • non-illuminated or illuminated

Emergency Stop Push Buttons

  • fool-proof
  • non-illuminated or illuminated
  • without and with key
  • optional mounting in enclosure


  • incl. resistor



Reset Push Buttons

  • incl. reset rod

Rotary Switches

  • non-illuminated or illuminated
  • without and with key
  • latching (can be converted to spring function)


Cam Switches

  • ON/OFF switches and double-throw switches
  • protection IP65
  • for further cam switches, refer to Catalog 120

Optional Extras:


  • yellow or gray plastic
  • with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 positions


Legend Options

  • front plates and color caps
  • legend inserts



  • a wide range of accessories are available, e.g. protection shrouds and protection caps