The new KA series – reliable & flexible

The new KA switch series combines innovation and quality within a single new product, ensuring reliable switching and disconnecting of circuits.

The KA switches are extremely versatile and can be used in different applications. They were specifically developed for machine tools, distribution cabinets and all applications that require a high degree of reliability.

The unique Kraus & Naimer modular system enables the implementation of different custom solutions. In this new switch series, as well as in all Kraus & Naimer products, flexibility and top quality are perfectly combined.

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The KA-Highlights:

Cross recessed screws & Torx clamping screws 

currently available: KA40, KA40T, KA40B, KA40BT, KA63, KA63T, KA63B, KA63BT
(T = Torx terminal screw with T20 head)

Conductor cross-section up to 25 mm2

Finger-safe connecting (IP 20) of various conductor cross sections
Cross-section: Minimum 2.5 mm² / Maximum 25 mm²

3- to 8-pole on-off switches

3-pole, 4-pole, 6-pole depending on the requirements and the number of switched phases and neutral conductors, versatile applications owing to our unique flexible modular system

3-pole and 4-pole changeover switches

3-pole and 4-pole, with or without neutral conductor contacts, depending on requirements

Single-hole mounting

Universal mounting options such as single-hole mounting with advantages such as quick mounting and high IP protection class

4-hole mounting

Front mounting with 4 holes possible; proven way of mounting with four screws

DIN rail mounting

DIN rail mounting possible

Enclosure installation

Adaptable for each individual case; optionally with enclosures; compact dimensions but with a big terminal compartment

Through-type connector PE + N

Practical additions:  Through-type connector PE and/or N possible

Auxiliary contacts

Auxiliary contacts are expandable as required: integrated auxiliary contacts and auxiliary contacts that can be clipped on laterally

Optional extras

Optional extras such as locking devices, shaft extensions and door couplings are compatible with the new series


Progressive and eco-friendly: ROHS & REACH compliant;
Approved in accordance with: UL, CE, CCC, EA