Visiting Vienna Airport together with compact electric

Jacqueline Weiß
Digital Marketing & Content Manager
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On January 10, 2024, compact electric together with Kraus & Naimer had the opportunity to experience their products in action at the extensively renovated Terminal 2 of Vienna Airport.

Following a comprehensive redesign, Terminal 2, which began operations in the 1960s, was reopened in March 2022. The overall renovated area covers approximately 20,000m2.

The highlight: Vienna Lounge

The highlight of the renovation works in the publicly accessible area of the terminal is the new security checkpoint, as well as the so-called Vienna Lounge. In this newly designed zone, passengers can indulge in culinary delights, while the newly built playground adds joy to the waiting time for little travelers. However, the extensive renovation works have not been limited to the passenger-accessible area alone.

From security check to ventilation control centers

‘We are very pleased that Vienna Airport has made this visit possible for us,’ says Tamara Hösch, Sales Engineer at Kraus & Naimer. As part of a joint visit, the companies compact electric and Kraus & Naimer had the opportunity to inspect their newly installed control cabinets and switches. After a mandatory security check, the visitors were guided to two ventilation control centers to witness the new control cabinets and switches in action.

The CH series

At Vienna Airport, the switches are primarily used in the control system for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We consistently choose products from Kraus & Naimer for our projects because they are highly reliable and comply with all relevant national and international standards,’ explains Toni Domic, Head of ICE & Switch Cabinet Construction at compact electric. For the successfully completed project, compact electric opted for control switches of the type CH10.

A switch for every situation

Cam switches from the CH series can be used in a variety of applications, thanks to different contact systems and contact materials. 'Our CH10 switches with single-hole mounting are quick and easy to install, featuring touch-proof terminals. Safety and quality are our top priorities, so we always appreciate receiving positive feedback from our customers,' shares Tristan Schöberl, Head of Austrian Sales at Kraus & Naimer.


What we also highly appreciate about Kraus & Naimer is their prompt execution when it comes to custom-made products. This is, of course, attributed to their excellent customer service,’ praises Ulrike Haslauer, Managing Director of compact electric, the longstanding collaboration.

We sincerely thank our client, compact electric, as well as Vienna Airport for this unique opportunity, and look forward to future collaborative projects.

Control cabinets and switches in action