Disconnectors for Photovoltaic DC Applications

A growing requirement for DC switch disconnectors for photovoltaic power supply systems has motivated us, to introduce a brand new range of disconnectors specifically designed for this particular DC application. 

With rated operational currents from 16 A to 64 A and from 80 V to 1000 V using a utilization category of DC-21B or DC-22A, a solution for most isolator applications for the solar photovoltaic market is therefore provided. 

Available in a totally insulated enclosure with the option of a red/yellow or grey/black padlockable handle and with a degree of protection to IP66/67 they can be installed in the most arduous of environments.

To complement this series a complete range of AC switch disconnectors is also available in totally insulated enclosures - this enables the contractor to obtain its switch disconnector requirements for the entire installation from one source. 

Catalogue: Disconnectors for Photovoltaic

KFD25 T206/AUP0013 KT11V

KFD25B T206/AUP0013 KL11V

KGD40 TD204/AUP0027 KL11V

KGD40B TD206/AUP0033 KL11V

KGD40B TD208/AUP0028 KL11V

KGD58 TD202 AUP0036 KL11V

KGD58B TD204 AUP0038 KL11V