KRAUS & NAIMER Short Form Catalogue 2019

4 KLDV KLCV 2) Switched neutral pole is early make/late break. 3) KG125 suitable for applications requiring larger cable termination and increased enclosure size. OFF-ON / SWITCH DISCONNECTORS Ie AC-21A 3 Pole + Aux Encl. Ref 3 Pole + Solid Neutral (TP&N) + Aux Encl. Ref 20A KG10 T203/GBA281 *KS1V KSAV KG10 T203/GBA374 *KS1V KSAV 25A KG20 T203/GBA280 *KS1V KSAV KG20 T203/GBA373 *KS1V KSAV 32A KG32 T203/GBA280 *KS1V KSAV KG32 T203/GBA373 *KS1V KSAV 40A KG41 T203/GBA280 *KL1V KLCV KG41 T203/GBA373 *KL1V KLCV 63A KG64 T203/GBA280 *KL1V KLCV KG64 T203/GBA373 *KL1V KLCV 80A KG80 T203/GBA280 *KL1V KLDV KG80 T203/GBA373 *KL1V KLDV 100A KG100 T203/GBA280 *KL1V KLDV KG100 T203/GBA373 *KL1V KLDV 125A KG105 T203/GBA280 *KL1V KLDV KG105 T203/GBA373 *KL1V KLDV 125A 3) KG125 T203/GBA065 *ST ST3 KG125 T207/GBA110 *ST ST3 160A KG160 T203/GBA065 *ST ST3 KG160 T207/GBA110 *ST ST3 200A KG210 T203/GBA070 *ST ST3 KG210 T207/GBA120 *ST ST4 250A KG250 T203/GBA070 *ST ST3 KG250 T207/GBA120 *ST ST4 315A KG315 T203/GBA070 *ST ST3 KG315 T207/GBA120 *ST ST4 IP66/67 protection insulated polycarbonate grey (RAL7035) red & yellow padlockable handle optional black handle available included switch is interlocked with the lid to prevent opening in ‘ON’ position IP RATING ENCLOSURE HANDLE OPTION EARTH TERMINAL SAFETY FEATURE Ie AC-21A 3 Pole Encl. Ref 3 Pole + Solid Neutral (TP&N) Encl. Ref 20A KG10 T203/GBA270 *KS1V KSAV KG10 T203/GBA355 *KS1V KSAV 25A KG20 T203/GBA270 *KS1V KSAV KG20 T203/GBA355 *KS1V KSAV 32A KG32 T203/GBA270 *KS1V KSAV KG32 T203/GBA355 *KS1V KSAV 40A KG41 T203/GBA270 *KL1V KLCV KG41 T203/GBA355 *KL1V KLCV 63A KG64 T203/GBA270 *KL1V KLCV KG64 T203/GBA355 *KL1V KLCV 80A KG80 T203/GBA270 *KL1V KLDV KG80 T203/GBA355 *KL1V KLDV 100A KG100 T203/GBA270 *KL1V KLDV KG100 T203/GBA355 *KL1V KLDV 125A KG105 T203/GBA270 *KL1V KLDV KG105 T203/GBA355 *KL1V KLDV 125A 3) KG125 T203/GBA270 *ST ST3 KG125 T207/GBA355 *ST ST3 160A KG160 T203/GBA270 *ST ST3 KG160 T207/GBA355 *ST ST3 200A KG210 T203/GBA270 *ST ST3 KG210 T207/GBA355 *ST ST4 250A KG250 T203/GBA270 *ST ST3 KG250 T207/GBA355 *ST ST4 315A KG315 T203/GBA270 *ST ST3 KG315 T207/GBA355 *ST ST4 Notes 1) The following auxiliary contacts are provided:- KG10 3 to 6 Pole 1 N.O. (early break) + 1 N.C. KG20 to KG105 3 to 6 Pole 2 N.O. (early break) KG10 to KG100 8 Pole 1 N.O. (early break) + 1 N.C. KG125 to KG315 3 to 8 Pole 2 N.O. (early break) + 2 N.C. Main/Emergency-Off Switch 20A - 315A 3, 4, 6 & 8 POLE Without Auxiliaries With Auxiliaries 1 4